Pesticides and Herbicides

Barbara says, ‘” To obtain good scientific information about a specific  pesticide, which of course includes insecticides, herbicides. and the other ‘cides’ go to Google, enter Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides. (NCAP );
Click on “Pesticide Fact Sheets” and there you will find an alphabetical listing, from which you can choose–
Each pesticide has a succinct summary, followed by detailed scientific information , well  researched and documented  by  Caroline Cox, formerly of the NCAP staff.
Her excellent information can stand up in court, or in editorials.  I have often made good use of this resource myself.”

Eugene Register-Guard 6/15/73 EPA office closes probe on chemical,3684957&dq=jerry+uhrhammer&hl=en

Eugene Register-Guard 6/25/76 Agent Orange test in Oregon cited at herbicide trial,6668246&dq=jerry+uhrhammer&hl=en

Eugene Register-Guard 7/20/76 Lane spent $175,000 for spraying,4908288&dq=jerry+uhrhammer&hl=en

Eugene Register-Guard 8/3/76 Some Lane doctors oppose herbicide use,676692&dq=jerry+uhrhammer&hl=en

Eugene Register-Guard 8/4/76 Did spray crews not follow rules?,915801&dq=barbara+kelley&hl=en

Eugene Register-Guard 10/26/77 Use of herbicide spraying to continue,6796321&dq=barbara+kelley&hl=en

Eugene Register-Guard 4/26/79 Aerial herbicide spraying in forest delayed,8592873&dq=barbara+kelley&hl=en

Eugene Register-Guard 3/2/80 A woman wages war on poisons

Eugene Register-Guard 3/18/81 Angry residents blast BLM spraying

Eugene Register-Guard 3/20/81 Residents take forestry into their own hands

Eugene Register-Guard 3/23/81 Showers prevent spraying of BLM property in county

Eugene Register-Guard 7/16/81 Herbicide foes to proceed with lawsuit

Eugene Register-Guard 8/18/81 Herbicide use considered unjustified

NCAP News Winter 1981

Eugene Register-Guard 3/7/83  Two groups sue to block spray plan

Eugene Register-Guard 3/14/83 No Compromise

Eugene Register-Guard 3/17/83 School Board Halts Weed Spraying

Eugene Register-Guard 4/21/83 Forest Spraying Ban Stuns Agencies

Eugene Register-Guard 4/22/83 County halts all roadside spraying

Eugene Register-Guard 1/28/84 Appellate court halts forest spraying

Oregonian 1/28/84 Court order bars spraying of herbicides

Los Angeles Times 2/4/84 U S Won’t Spray California Forests

Eugene Register-Guard 3/2/84 Judge imposes ban on herbicides

Eugene Register-Guard 8/30/84 Pesticides unsafe

Eugene Register-Guard 2/22/85 Moth facts,4779884&dq=barbara+kelley&hl=en

Eugene Register-Guard 4/3/86 Schools keep pesticide ban,364556&dq=barbara+kelley&hl=en

Eugene Register-Guard 2/2/93 County’s Roadside Spraying Still Divisive,186257&dq=barbara+kelley&hl=en

Eugene Register-Guard 7/8/93 Appeal holds up spraying program,1672192&dq=jan+wroncy&hl=en

Eugene Register-Guard 3/7/95 Herbicide use under review,1597487&dq=jan+wroncy&hl=en

Voters Guide November, 1998 In favor of Ballot Measure 64

2002 Lifting of pesticide spraying ban okayed by Mary O’Brien

West by Northwest April 30, 2003 Don’t poison the dandelions

West by Northwest July 30, 2003 Grow and Let Grow Redefining a good neighbor to a no sprayer

Portland Tribune August 23, 2006 Corrections to Cliff Newel article re Water Water Everywhere and pesticides

April, 2007 LOUCC Contribution to NCAP

West by Northwest August 17, 2007 The BLM’s spray plan from hell

January 27, 2010 The future is what we will make of it

2010 lawsuit re herbicide spraying in Oregon forests

West by Northwest February 19, 2011 Toward restoring trust in the BLM

September 6, 2011 Herbicides are spawning a tragedy

2015 Agent Orange


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