Save Our ecoSystems was incorporated as a non profit organization in Oregon in 1979, and has a very long list of accomplishments. We called  it “SOS” as an acronym.  In its incorporation papers, we stated its Mission as follows:

 The primary purpose of the corporation shall be to educate and inform the public about environmental issues, especially to increase awareness of the finite and fragile nature of the earth’s resources, of the inter-relation of all living things, and of their dependence upon these finite resources.  In short, the corporation’s purpose is to focus public opinion on the fact that survival now depends on the need to Save Our ecoSystems.

Update, 2014.  SOS, acting on these principles, achieved many victories  throughout the 1980’s and beyond 2000, culminating in the landmark victory in federal court (SOS v Clarke 746 F2nd 1240).   This victory,    along with other lawsuits, actually stopped much of the herbicide spraying in our federal forests for a number of years.  Building on this victory, SOS achieved moratoriums on the  pesticide spraying of school grounds, roadsides and (incredibly) water.  Additionally  SOS brought pressure to bear and positive changes in other areas such as animal trapping and  wetlands. And,  in 1990 we stopped a federal highway from being built through Lane County’s largest wetlands!

Update 2015.  SOS is in the process of dissolving its corporate status.   Remaining funds will be allocated to four non profits with missions similar to those of SOS. 



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